Calories Burned Bowling

Compare the calories burned bowling to a variety of other activities at the calories burned chart.

Bowling is a lot of fun, regardless of the calories burned bowling, and it’s not the kind of activity that you would associate with burning calories and losing weight, which makes it the perfect activity to burn calories and lose weight.

An activity like running, for instance, is a chore, and not much fun. Most people who are out running are wishing their run would be over. An activity like bowling, however, is a fun, social game that is fun. It’s the kind of thing you can do for years, whereas most people who start with running, for example, tend to quit after a few weeks or months.

And contrary to what you might think, the amount of calories burned bowling is not insignificant. It’s certainly not as much as something like jogging, but you have to remember that every calorie counts. That’s how you get closer to your weight loss goals, one calorie at a time.

Calories Burned – Bowling

The amount of calories burned bowling isn’t huge, but it’s something. Like just about any activity, the amount that you weigh has an impact on the amount of calories burned, and the amount of weight lost as a result.

All data is from the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise journal, the official journal of the American College of Sports Medicine.

  • If you weigh roughly 130 pounds: 177 calories burned bowling per hour
  • If you weigh roughly 155 pounds: 211 calories per hour
  • If you weigh roughly 180 pounds: 245 calories per hour
  • If you weigh roughly 205 pounds: 279 calories per hour

The amount of calories burned bowling is not going to have a dramatic effect on your weight loss goals, but over months and years it will help contribute to lost weight, and it’s that kind of slow, steady progress that will help you keep weight off.

The one drawback of bowling is that you need a bowling alley to do it. It’s not something you can do in your living room, unless of course you have a bowling alley in your living room. But if you can do it a couple times a week, the amount of calories burned bowling will slowly accrue, and that’s what counts.

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