Calories Burned Karate

Compare the calories burned doing karate to a variety of other activities at the calories burned chart.

The amount of calories burned karate are important, but equally important is the enjoyment of karate. Karate is one of the more popular martial art practices available to westerners, and is a great introduction to the entire field of martial arts.

For those looking to learn self defense, for example, karate can offer a lot. And for those looking for a real martial art with some depth and history, karate also has a lot to offer a practitioner willing to be in the time and effort to learn.

But aside from the positive aspects of karate itself, the amount of calories burned karate is also impressive. Karate is full of a lot of strong, quick movements that take a good deal of effort to make. It’s this kind of strong, quick movement that ups the amount of calories burned doing karate, and will have you sweating and losing weight after a good karate session.

Calories Burned – Karate

The exact amount of calories burned doing karate is going to vary, based upon a few different things, one of which is how much you weigh.

All data is from the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise journal, the official journal of the American College of Sports Medicine.

  • If you weigh roughly 130 pounds: 590 calories burned karate per hour
  • If you weigh roughly 155 pounds: 704 calories burned per hour
  • If you weigh roughly 180 pounds: 817 calories burned per hour
  • If you weigh roughly 205 pounds: 931 calories burned per hour

So it should be obvious that the numbers for calories burned karate are quite high, and certainly comparable to the number of calories burned cycling, for instance, which is a aerobic activity often associated with burning calories and weight loss.

Karate is, for most people, a lot more fun than an activity like cycling, and is easy to keep going back to, which makes it an ideal, long term activity to lose weight.

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