Calories Burned Tai Chi

Compare the calories burned doing tai chi to a variety of other activities at the calories burned chart.

Tai Chi is a unique kind of Chinese martial art, and the calories burned tai chi can add up over a lifetime of practice.

Tai Chi, like many other martial arts, is a great way to burn calories and lose weight. Tai chi gets you moving and coordinating your body’s movements, though unlike most other martial arts there is much less focus on force and strength. This means that while tai chi is certainly worth pursuing, the number of calories burned doing tai chi is not comparable to the amount of calories burned kickboxing, for example, which is a much more forceful martial art.

But tai chi has a great deal of appeal with many people that is quite apart form the calories burned tai chi. And if you can make the calories burned and weight loss secondary to your enjoyment of the activity itself, then you will be able to have better commitment to the activity, and a better chance of losing weight over time.

Calories Burned – Tai Chi

The exact amount of calories burned doing tai chi will be dependent upon a couple different factors, the most important being what your weight is.

All data is from the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise journal, the official journal of the American College of Sports Medicine.

  • If you weigh roughly 130 pounds: 236 calories burned tai chi per hour
  • If you weigh roughly 155 pounds: 281 calories burned per hour
  • If you weigh roughly 180 pounds: 327 calories burned per hour
  • If you weigh roughly 205 pounds: 272 calories burned per hour

So as you can see from the above list the amount of calories burned tai chi isn’t spectacular.

But tai chi, remember, isn’t a hardcore martial arts program that will leave you sweating puddles afterwards. There are other benefits besides burning calories and losing weight to tai chi, and if you embrace those differences you will enjoy tai chi more, and if you can burn calories and enjoy doing it then you will eventually lose weight.

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